The Project MEDIA - TERRA aims at locating categories / dimensions of natural disasters in Central and Southeast Mediterranean (CSEM), recording prevention and treatment practices of currently used Civil Protection Systems (CPS), bringing out weak/ strong points in citizens' active participation, designing capacity - building strategies - producing material for Media for raising awareness and activating citizens, testing (pilot) / evaluating Media intervention strategies, and ending with the establishment and pilot operation of a Media Observatory (MO) to strengthening CPS in the CSEM space.
The partnership of MEDIA TERRA consists of 10 partners from six different countries, all located in the South-eastern Mediterranean Basin.
All participating countries are being frequently hit by natural disasters, having thus a common interest in designing strategies and applying policies for effectively coping with them. In this context partners are familiar with natural disasters and with the systems applied for preventing and mitigating them, each from his particular point of view, be it as information provider, academic institute, CP organization etc.
Reflecting the complexity of the subject of the project, the Media Terra partnership consists of different types of organizations. The main core of the partners is set up of organizations dealing with the media (5 Press Agencies), in dependence on the focus of the project. However the participation of two national Civil Protection Organizations, one Municipality and two Universities secure relevance, applicability and quality of the pursued results.

Lead Partner (LP) of the network is the Macedonian Press Agency (GR).

Other Partners are:

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